Personal Coaching


Issues can arise in any relationship whether it be with family, friends, or a romantic partner. These sessions will explore the root of your frustrations, determine the potential benefits and drawbacks of continuing a relationship, and discuss how to improve communication skills in order to mend disagreements and coexist in harmony.


The preteen years and above are sometimes a rough terrain to maneuver smoothly. Young adults often try to handle things themselves in order to not upset their family members. Having a Life Coach allows them to be open about issues with an adult that does not have any expectations and receive feedback on how to handle the pressures of young adulthood.


Methods include a combination of “The Law of Attraction”, Buddhism, and Finding Peace in the Present. I’m here to help you learn to deal with complex, difficult situations without panic and fear.


Ever get that nagging feeling that you need a check-up even though nothing seems wrong on the surface? This session allows you to “lay it all out” to see if anything needs to be repaired, replaced, or reassessed.

Business Coaching


Got a business idea? Are you ready to get started but unsure of all the details needed to make it happen? Let me help you set goals from start to finish, including project plans, budgets, bookkeeping, and marketing. I will assist you along the way.


You know in your heart that your current position is not where you want to end your career; But you’re also not sure of your options. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! As a team, we will explore your strengths, weaknesses, interests and long-term financial goals.

Organizational & Cultural Coaching


If you plan on climbing the ladder in your current position, performance coaching exercises your responses to challenging situations and increases your confidence.


No self-reporting needed. I will shadow you onsite in order to evaluate your performance and offer actionable feedback.


Offering workshops that build successful collaborations by identifying the strengths of individuals and creating communication systems that solidify the team unit.


Allow me to assist in developing a set of systems within the organization that promotes a positive culture that reflects the vision of your company.


Increase your revenue by offering SUPERB Customer Service. Your employees will be highly trained in the fundamentals: Attentive Listening, Clear Communication, Professionalism, Problem-Solving Skills, and many other skills needed in order to retain loyal customers.