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Hi! I'm Tamicka

Life Coach &

Organizational Consultant


Welcome and thank you for partnering

with me for a journey of transformation. 


My Lightbulb Moment 

I grew up desperately wanting to discover my unique talent. I was surrounded by soul-stirring singers, brilliant minds, record breaking athletes, and modern-day Picassos. Then, there was me.  I yearned for a title of talent in the yearbook! I was good at leading and encouraging others in their craft, but lacked a craft myself, or so I thought.  It was slowly revealed to me over the years, and throughout my career that I wasn't simply talented, but especially gifted at coaching others through tough times.


The Problem Solver

My mission is to simply help you swiftly unravel, sort out, reconfigure all that is in the way of you creating and/or executing a plan. I have a plethora of successful professional outcomes, fruitful failure lessons, and mindset motivational tools to ensure successful outcomes. My professional career has been rooted in advising, supporting, and providing resources for a diverse population in search of ANSWERS to the question of how to move forward. This is my passion. This is my purpose.


Bachelor of General Studies

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Administration 

Concordia University, Ann Arbor  


I am a Life Coach who has successfully performed as: Dean of Culture & Climate, Elementary Principal, Behavioral Interventionist, Entrepreneur, Support Advisor, Case Manager, Family Service Coordinator, Spanish & ESL Teacher, Spoken Word Artist and Single Mom.

Explore Coaching With Me


Coaching Style: Client Feedback

Insightful, Perceptive, Direct, Attentive, Conversational, Patient, Non-judgmental, Personalized, Goal-Oriented, Calm, Probing, Authentic, Elevated & Thought Provoking. 


Life Coaching


Whether you are deciding on your college major, struggling with workplace relationships or ready for a career change, we will strategize the best possible outcomes for you. 


Leadership starts at any rank.  Get tailored support to magnify your skills, build confidence, and lead a team effectively.

Entrepreneurship / Small Business Coaching

Coaching provides a safe space for conquering "entrepreneurial fears" and converting them to an "entrepreneurial mindset".  We will create systems for a thriving business.


If you are here, it is time for a fresh perspective on effective and healthy communication, boundaries and conflict-resolution skills.  Be ready for DEEP SELF-REFLECTION.


Let's identify the BLAH that is keeping you from being the best version of yourself. You will be empowered with clarity and steps to take action.




1 session

1 check-in



4 sessions

1 check-in



8 sessions

2 check-ins

Resume review



12 sessions

2 check-ins

Journey chart or
Resume review

TL Certificate

Organizational & Cultural Coaching

Organizational Upgrade

A faulty structure can cause total system breakdown.  An analysis and upgrade overview will reboot the potential for an acceleration in organizational advancement.

Organizational Makeover

Recreate a foundation that maximizes employee performance, system efficacy, and organizational growth.

“She has mastered the art of direct communication delivered in a positive, non judgmental manner.”

Frank D.

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Let’s Get in Touch

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